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Sons of Sons of Pioneers
Thur: 01-17-08 12:00 am

Save for a handful of sites, there are few online resources about the British band Japan, active 1974-1983. Perhaps one of the most overlooked bands of their time, Japan managed to rise from the ashes of two rather unsuccessful albums released in the late 70s and go on to craft a sound that exerted a sizable influence on the music that defined the 1980s.

This site owes a great deal to the long-running, the forum, as well as the Japan Pioneers Yahoo Group, all of which provided a significant amount of the information needed to put this together. This site, however, should provide a different look at Japan, as well as present some unique content not available elsewhere.

Putting together has been a large undertaking on my part, and I still have a ton of content, including scads of articles and images, to add to the site.

Stay tuned,
Life in Tokyo

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