Karnal Knowledge
Fan Library, July 1982. p. 14-18.

Karn talks sculpture, food, and not knowing how to play a single note on the bass.
Drum Brother
Fan Library, July 1982. p. 20-22.

Jansen discusses photography, Japanese music, and living outside of the spotlight.
Low Key Man
Fan Library, July 1982. p. 28-30.

A rare interview with Japan's man in the shadows, Richard Barbieri.
Who Plays What
Fan Library, July 1982. p. 31.

In case you needed to know what guage strings Mick Karn used in 1982.
Ghost Image
Fan Library, July 1982. p. 34-39.

Sylvian reveals a little about what's going on underneath his immaculate bouffant.
The Japanese Connection
Fan Library, July 1982. p. 46.

Parallels between Japan and their, um, Japanese cousins.
Dali's Stars
No. 1 Mag, Nov 1984. by Paul Bursche.

Interview with Mick Karn and Peter Murphy about their project Dali's Car.


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