Virgin VD2513, June 1983

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01. Oil on Canvas Sylvian 1:23
02. Sons of Pioneers Sylvian, Karn 5:00
03. Gentlemen Take Polaroids Sylvian 6:36
04. Swing Sylvian 5:46
05. Cantonese Boy Sylvian 3:45
06. Visions of China Sylvian, Jansen 5:41
07. Ghosts Sylvian 5:15
08. Voices Raised in Welcome,
      Hands Held in Prayer
Sylvian, Jansen 3:33
09. Nightporter Sylvian 6:45
10. Still Life in Mobile Homes Sylvian 5:37
11. Methods of Dance Sylvian 6:12
12. Quiet Life Sylvian 4:33
13. The Art of Parties Sylvian 5:25
14. Canton Sylvian, Jansen 5:47
15. Temple of Dawn Barbieri 1:47


David Sylvian - Vocals, keyboards
Steve Jansen - Drums, marimba
Mick Karn - Bass, clarinet, saxophone, vocals
Richard Barbieri - Keyboards
Masami Tsuchiya - Guitar, keyboards

Produced by John Punter, Japan.
Engineered by Nigel Walker, John Punter.
Tapes produced by J. Punter, S. Nye, N. Walker, Japan.

Oil on Canvas written and performed by D. Sylvian.
Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer written and performed by D. Sylvian, S. Jansen.
Temple of Dawn written and performed by R. Barbieri.

Cover painting, "Head of J.Y.M. II," 1980 by Frank Auerbach.
Cover concept by D. Sylvian.
Photography by Anton Corbijn.
Handtinting by Yvette Anna.

UK 7" Single

Virgin VS581, May 1983
A: Canton (live) - 3:46
B: Visions of China (live) - 3:34

UK 12" Single

Virgin VS581-12, May 1983
A: Canton (live) - 5:15
B: Visions of China (live) - 3:34

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