Virgin V2659, March 1991

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01. Big Wheels in Shanty Town Rain Tree Crow 7:08
02. Every Colour You Are Rain Tree Crow 4:44
03. Rain Tree Crow * Rain Tree Crow 2:03
04. Red Earth (as summertime ends) Rain Tree Crow 3:36
05. Pocket Full of Change Rain Tree Crow 6:05
06. Boat's For Burning * Rain Tree Crow :45
07. New Moon at Red Deer Wallow * Rain Tree Crow 5:10
08. Blackwater Rain Tree Crow 4:18
09. A Reassuringly Dull Sunday Rain Tree Crow 1:20
10. Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City Rain Tree Crow 5:10
11. Scratchings on the Bible Belt * Rain Tree Crow 2:45
12. Cries and Whispers Rain Tree Crow 2:29


Written by Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri/David Sylvian/Mick Karn.
Computer Programming: Steve Jansen
Keyboard programming: Richard Barbieri, David Sylvian

Published by Virgin Songs, Inc./EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
o/b/o Opium (Arts) Ldt. (BMI).

Produced by R.T.C.
Engineered by Pat McCarthy.
Additional Engineering by Tim Martin.

Mixed by David Sylvian & Steve Nye assisted by Al Stone
at Olympic Studios, London, except * mixed by David Sylvian
& Pat McCarthy at Eel Pie Studios, London.
Cut by Tony Cousins at the Townhouse.

Cover photography by Shinya Fujiwara.
Design by Russell Mills.
Art direction: David Sylvian, Yuka Fujii.

Recorded between September 1989 and April 1990 at Miravel Studios, Le Val, France; Condulmer Studio, Zerman di Moglian, Italy; Marcus Studios, London; Air Studios, London; The Wool Hall, Bath; Ropewalk Studio, Dublin; Mega Studios, Paris, France; Eel Pie Studios, London.

Assistants: Mohammed (Momo) Loudiyi/Paolo Carrer/Rupert Coulson/Louise McCormick/Bruce Davies/Paul Stevens.

Special thanks to:
Michael Brook/Sandro Franchin/Yuka Fujii/Dermot McEnvoy/Russell Mills/Enrico Monte/Patrice Quef/Pete Townshend/Gary Wright/Syco Systems Ltd. (Adrian Thomas)/Wal Basses/Sabian Cymbals.

The majority of the material on this album was written as a result of group improvisations. There were no pre-rehersals; the improvisation took place in the recording studio and much of the finished work contains original elements of those initial performances.

UK 12" Single

Virgin VST 1340, 1991
A1: Blackwater - 4:18
B1: Red Earth (as summertime ends) - 3:36
B2: I Drink to Forget - 1:45

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